Question on the Earthbound shrine.

Well, instead of dragging it out like I usually do everything else, I figure I’ll make this quick and to the point. Are you EVER GOING TO WRITE A WALKTHROUGH FOR IT?!. I’d do it myself, but since I’m obviously asking for it…that bascially means I’m stumped, and I despise having to go to gfaqs for ANYTHING.

That is all.

Shame on you! You should know Earthbound like the back of your hand just as the rest of us do! We don’t need no walkthrough!

I used to know it like that, but it’s been a good 4 years…and I’m starting it again, so…essentially I’m stuck. Plus, hopefully if one is made, it’ll have funny points like a few of the other walkthroughs here.

When I got Earthbound, it came with a free guide. Was that a limited time thing, or shouldn’t more people have it?

Limited, I think. I still have the guide too. Apparently people will pay a lot for it.

Gamefaqs does the duty when I’m stuck. WHICH IS NEVER!

Well, the odds of Merlin writing a walkthrough for the shrine are… well… very low. And Mr. Saturn? Even lower.

But since it IS Merlin’s shrine, don’t bitch about its absence here, bitch about it to him. =P

But I’m a lazy bastard! So I did the next best thing, and bitched about it here!

Then what makes you think you could write a walkthrough? 8)

Dalton lays the smackdown.

I bought Earthbound for $20 at a second-hand game shop. I sold it for $1. What a sweet deal that was. I thought I’d have to pay to get rid of it.

Walkthroughs are for sissys. Remember that famous advice from long ago?

Talk to everyone!

go to it’s a earthbound based website

You sold it for one dollar? You could have sold it for AT LEAST twice what you payed for it. >_>

some people, it seems, wouldn’t know a good game if it walked up and emasculated them.

I must have finished Earthbound at least…14-15 times, haven’t played in 5-6 years and I still remember it by heart.

Ehh, I got my money’s worth. More than, even. I was going to use it as a baseball. (Man, what a home run that would have been. ;))

I also blew up my gold copy of Nintendo World Championships with a firecracker.

I mean, I could have sold it for thousands of dollars, but it was the suxx0r, so who cares, right?

And I crushed my copy of Andre Agassi Tennis for the SNES in a vice.

A friend of mine and I microwaved his copy of Unlimited Saga. It’s a lot better now.

My point was that there were only 26 gold copies of the Nintendo World Championships carts made (out of 116 made overall), so they’re ridiculously valuable. Kind of like how Earthbound is valuable, only on a much, much, much, much larger scale.

I would have taken that Andre Agassi tennis if I would have known it was going to be viced though. =(