Question for readers (and writers)

The entire reason for a writer to make his/her work accessible is so that it can be read. Sometimes just for feedback but often the writer wants feedback on the work. My question therefore is how do you get people to read stories and poems?
I’ve been paying attention and noticed that there seem to be about 7 regular readers on the story I am posting on this board with minimal comments. I realize I can’t expect as many fans as, say, Galloway or StarStorm who have been here longer and have had time to gain popularity, but if people do not even bother to look at someone’s work, how is the author to gain readers?

Keep writing and updating regularly, and people will notice you. You could also sign up on or (com?) to reach a broader audience.

Yeah you usually get several replies on, the more popular the ‘topic’ the more replies you get back in general.

And Weiila it is fictionpress.COM, strange since it is a spin-off site from I thought they would be the same. Go figure?

You make it not long, not suck, and have perfect grammar and formatting.

Yeah, especially emphasis on the “not long,” part. Shorter pieces can often be that much more awesome, because the shorter a piece is, the more each individual word means - and the more choice and thought you have to put into it. And that thought is often what will make a piece better - not to mention, for the lazier readers of the board, it’ll make it easier to read.

-Mazrim Taim