Question concerning FF X-2, FFTA, FF11, FFCC

When do they all come out?

FFTA, FFX-2, FFCC : This fall

FFXI : PC Version : This winter

PS2 version : Winter 2004

And in Europe: Add about a year to each title’s release date >_<

Ah crap, I can’t believe we have to wait that long to be able to play, what should be some incredible games!!

And in Europe: If they ever come out >.< FFXI in particular, Square and Sony have been dragging their heels so much it’s unreal. The first network playable PS2 game was Tony Hawk’s, released a year dna a half ago- only now is network PS2 play even beginning to become feasible. That plus no official date for the HD does not bode well for FFXI.

Frick, not in time for my birthday. >_< Oh well.