Question about the Inferno.

What kind of sinners inhabit the seventh layer of hell? Suffice it to say, I’ve had particularly intense series of dreams lately, and this grabs my curiosity.

Sorry, all i know are what are all the different crimes and punishments, not layers. But I think Alchemists and Philanderers are seventh.

The seventh level of hell contains betrayers like the people who betrayed Julias Caesar and Judas. It’s a lake of ice and they’re trapped inside it.

I thought that was Satan’;s Mouth itself. In which case, Layer Seven should be the treacherous to kin and country, guests and hosts, and masters. Which seems like rather… stupid things to be at the bottom layer of hell for. I eman, treacherous to kin and country, i can see, but being sent to hell because you don’t like being indentured?

The Seventh circle of hell (of Nine) is “The Violent” it is divided into three sections 1) Violence against Neighbors (the bloody river Phiegethon) 2) Violence against Self (Woods of Suicides) and 3) Violence against God, Art, and Nature (the Burning Sand).

Er…Val, there’s only three people there, two of the conspirators from Julias Caesar’s death and Judas. And can you think of a worse torture then beign trapped for all eternity in ice so cold it burns.

I thought there was only seven levels. I must be thinking of a different hell. Or maybe it was the last level that was that. Damn, I’m confused now.

Epic’s right.

And DB, the Ninth Circle is the one reserved for traitors.

And you’re wrong (not 984), the three people in question, Brutus, Cassius, and Judas, are forever tortured by being chewed on by one of Satan’s three heads. The Ice Lake is directly before Satan’s chambers, and is kept frozen even in the burning heat of hell by the wind that comes from the flapping of Satan’s wings. Frozen in the ice are just the other people who commited vast sins of treachery.

Ah, the ninth. Right. For some reason I was getting confused. And are you sure Epico? Damn people lying to me about things like that. I’m quite annoyed now.

I’m positive, that is the Hell as Dante depicts it.

Oh well. How do the mouths torture them exactly…on second thoughts, don’t answer that. But I would have thought been trapped in the ice would be worse. I mean you’d go insane pretty quick and you’d have absolutely nothing to take your mind off the pain. But I’m not going to argue the point since you know what you’re talking about.

Being chewed on for eternity vs being trapped in ice? I know which I’d chose though I’d really rather choose neither

Those are words of a person wise far beyond his years.

On a related note: Dante’s Inferno - A Virtural Tour of Hell

I believe in a different hell from what most people know. Actually, there are two places that could be called “hell”. One of them is the world of tormented souls. It’s the closest to us. Souls who disincarnate and stay on Earth. It is caused by too much of an attachment to the earthly world, and always leads to a reincarnation after some time.

The other one is the void, but whether it is a hell or not depends on one’s point of view. It is the scariest experience one can have, though. With the wrong state of mind, it can be more traumatizing than a murder or a rape. The void also stretches into other worlds of existance, so human beings mix up with other beings there. The sight of a few of them fed the creativity of those who created legends of mythological monsters millenia ago.

As a spiritist, I believe that it may be either of these two:

1-) It is more likely that there is something in your life that is psichologically annoying you. Maybe it is so subtle that you wouldn’t notice it consciently, so your subconscious side generates dreams with monsters.

2-) This is rare and I wouldn’t bet on it, but if you are open to mystical related things, then you could say that tormented spirits are trying to share their torment with you. This is a matter of sending said spirits away.

What you’re probably thinging about is that most people don’t include the first two circles as ‘hell’ since they aren’t really for people who have sinned. It’s been too long since I’ve read it, but I think it’s the one for those who have repented (repenting?) and the other is for those who can not be admitted to heaven cause they think too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will go reread that later this week, me thinks.


yeah, but some of the punishments that were dealt out made no sense, really. And why were Cassius and Brutus there? All they did was murder some mediterranean politician, right/ Judas FUCKING SOLD OUT CHRIST. seems a bit unbalanced to me.

Remind me not to go against God/Nation/Self/Anyone else who happens upon my path. That’s a long list of sins. I wonder how many people are in heaven compared to hell. For me it’d be a toss up. Though I agree neither is best.

Ren, that’s good and all, but you’re attempting to turn a thread about discussing a work of literature into a religious thread. Please don’t.

Just because it’s a Dante thread.

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