Question abour Silent Moebius

What is this anime about, is it good and how many episodes is it?

Why is no one answering me?

I’ve browsed through some mangas of Silent Mobious.


So that’s pretty much all I can tell you.

That’s all you can tell me?

Has anyone seen Silent Mobeus, I’m kinda curious to what’s it about.

I really can’t remember much about Silent Mobius, but it’s not a bad anime. It’s about a female vigilante team (No, it’s nothing like Burn Up W, no girls going naked for no reason) that hunts some demon-like race called “Lucifer Hawk”. The main character, Katsumi, is the daughter of some famous mage and inherits his magical powers and even a sentient sword later in the series. Other allies are: Kiddy, Some super strong macho girl; Lebia, a blonde chick that I can’t remember what she does exactly; Yuki, the "kawaii"psychic and Nami, a psychic following traditional japanese styles.
Well, there’s some other stuff that I remembered but they’re spoilers, so there’s no point telling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it worth downloading, and how many episodes is it?

It really depends on your tastes. I think the anime was pretty good but you need the manga to understand most of the stuff (Like what the hell was the Silent Crush SUPPOSED to do). And Glospolina (Katsumi’s reallly huge-ass sword) is quite cool.

There are 26 episodes.