Quest Ideas

I’ve started up a new D&D campaign with my friends and I was wondering if anyone had some quest ideas that they’d like to throw out. This could be a great place for EVERYONE to benifit from ideas on party related quests.

Heres the first one I have them going on:

An old mansion that has been abandoned for about 90 years since its last owner died has been causing some pesants to get nervous. At night, they claim to see lights in the second floor windows and hear ghastly sounds and clanging metal coming from within. The mayor’s office had declaired the mansion off limits nearly 25 years ago, but somthing is indeed inside. The Sheriff’s office has recieved several requests for the militia to inspect the noises and help ease the minds of the townsfolk. However, the pirate raids on the outlying cities have dwindled the forces for such a task. The Sheriff is willing to pay 200 gold per adventurer who would be willing to inspect and bring back some evidence as to the cause of the disturbances.

Signs that describe the situation are posted throughout the city but since the townfolk have been talking of missing livestock and undead activity, few locals would dare take on this mission.

Anyone else have ideas?

Nice to see so many interested participants.

It’s best to let your party wander around aimlessly and make bad stuff happen to them. Like, I don’t know, random RUST monsters spawning out of nowhere.

On a slightly more serious note, Have an odd item that speaks to one of your party memebers and convince him/her to do something stupid like say, Desecrate a tomb to do something that seems totally unrelated, like somehow saving the world. HEY! It kinda worked! I think, anyway.

Yeah, the whole point of me wanting quest ideas is so that I would have more of a pool to draw from incase they went off on a tangent and “couldnt find somthing to do”. I’ve already got about 4 fleshed out quests for the starting town if they wander around for a bit. And more than one of them has tie-ins to the main plot of the campaign.

I built up an adventure that lasted six months by using ideas from the web site

I made up a huge map and either blatently cused the sub-adventure or just took the idea and repopulated it and amended to suit.

The only things that were completely my idea were various minor events, links to the various towns etc.

How about one where players are given knowledge of an apple tree (last of its kind) that has golden apples, and the last crop is up this fall. A druid asks you to bring as many as you can to her, and as a reward, you’ll get the gold she peels off them (Like, 50gp’s worth per apple, and she gets the seeds so she can preserve the tree.)

If the adventurers decide to do the whole gig themselves, they ruin the apples, getting only 15 or so gold from the apples, and no seeds remain. (Delicate, they are.)

Also, a church might offer something for the apples, as they are rumoured to be an ingredient for easy healing… or alternatively, for summoning a great demon of greed (They’re made of gold…)

You should have them hear something that sounds like fighting to the side, they investigate an old abandoned shack that the sound seems to be coming from. Once inside they find a dying man lying in a corner, they may or may not instantly notice him, either way he grabs one of the party’s leg and asks that they deal with the man who attacked him, he shows them a trapdoor under the floor and they go down. Once inside they find themselves in a hallway that ends in a split, around one corner are two men walking in the other direction that also may or may not notice the group, they fight the two men and enter a larger chamber, two men sit at a table discussing things, one man sits by a furnace in the back, another standing in the corner and a man with a black cloak searching through a bag that he had just stolen. the one in the corner and the one by the furnace get up and rush into combat, when the one by the furnace is defeated he calls back, “Cenajus, Mace, help”. The two men at the table also get up to fight, after they are defeated the man with the bag throws you the bag of treasures and escapes out a secret door, they may or may not follow him.