Query: Videogame font?

Does anyone know what the name of this font is and where I can download it?

You all have doubtlessly seen it around. I screencapped this from a flash game, as it was the first instance of it I could think of.

EDIT: I found it. It’s called “Arcade Classic”. Got it here .

You could probably just make it yourself. Looks like a lower quality version of MS Fixedsys, actually.

I have Runic MT Condensed, the same font used in the FF titles, but because of it being condensed it makes it very impractical to use since the letters are all very small and squished together at normal font sizes. Is there any way to tweak the font file and change the spacings?

Hey, think you could send me that one?

And Kero, I’ve no clue how I’d do that.

It’s on my home comp. I won’t get home until 10:30 tonight. Do they allow attachments in PMs?

Don’t think so. Just e-mail it to ggcrono4 AT gmail DOT com.

Sweet, a Pac-Man font. Is there any way to use it here? <---- No HTML knowledge whatsoever.

You just type in (squarebracket)Font=soandso(bracket) sometext (bracket)/font(bracket).

But no-one else will be able to see it unless they have the font installed.

Can do but You or any one else who had the font will see it in the Pac Font but any one Else would just see it in a standard font. I’d Keep a away from font tags Here since they only work best on your PC or if you keep to a standard font.

The Forum has several the Standard fonts in the Advanced window in a pull down

Thanks GG, and thanks Nutter for repeating what GG said.

Dude, a Sinisar font. Sweet. :open_mouth: