Query regarding Diablo 2...

As with many other players of the game, my interest in this waxes and wanes. And as-is, I don’t see myself picking it up again for quite some time.

HOWEVER, I have some stuff on my BNet characters that I would prefer not to lose. Is there ANY way to back up a BNet character, even if by “unofficial” means?

Closed Bnet, no.

Not that I know off, I’d just log on once every 3 months or so, as far as I know Battle.net deletes accounts that have been inactive for 90 days.

Well, I just checked in on my characters and each of them - lowest 17, highest 48 - have “Expires in X days” on them, with varying amounts.

Ah well.

I think you have to either just log in every so often, or play for so many hours so often.