Quarantine (2008 Film)

May still be “new” for some people (was for me), will have to be in spoilers.

[SPOILER]In a nutshell, I’d say Cloverfield + Blairwitch + Diary of the Dead.

I have to say, I liked it, though really annoyed. Is this how humanity is going to act when the zombie apocalypse begins? That damn reporter is like screaming for the rest half of the movie. Be it, “WE HAVE TO FILM THIS!” or “I NEED THE LIGHT!.” Jesus…

Even though it’s just a movie, I’d have to imagine that these characters were well aware of “zombies.” I guess, probably in movies, the concept of “zombies,” just doesn’t exist. Hey, it’d be understandable if say one or two people get bitten. But after a third? OMG, I know I’d get ready to start aiming for the head. That damn reporter, I’d have to say, all her fault that the camera guy (Scott) dies. He should of just turned off the camera and shoved her outside. Again, just a movie, but a situation like this makes me lose faith in humanity to survive the zombie apocalypse.

For those who’ve seen the movie, who was the naked zombie at the end? Was that the guy? All I can get from the movie was that he was doing experiments probably on the rats, and possibly, a boy way up in the attic. One of those rats he was experimenting on probably got loose and bit Ms. Epinoza (remember that rat that Scott steps on). But…hmm…naked zombie, maybe a new breed.

The Spanish original made me much more involved in the movie because the fact that I simply found myself being not able to tolerate the Spanish way of speech. (TOO MANY PEOPLE TALKING AT THE SAME TIME OVER EACH OTHER WHO DON’T MAKE SENSE)

This led to certain dramatic leaps in my movie-watching experience, as I had a reason to be slightly agitated, then the house sealing part steps in and all that adrenaline is turned to GHHHHK.

The final one you see in the original is supposedly the girl first found carrying the virus. The doc experimented on her but whoops, Something had to happen for dramatic purposes and the existence of the movie itself.

Haven’t seen Quarantine. But I HAVE seen a review of it by that other Spoony Guy.

Link (warning, contains spoilers)

It’s not very positive. :mwahaha: