Q for PS3/360 dual owners

When it comes to multiplatform games, which system do you get it for, or do you go for whichever is available?

360, unless there is something specific about the PS3 version that differs that I want. The PS3 rarely performs better. It is often equal to or worse than the 360 (ex: ghostbusters, bayonetta, GTAIV DLC was a 360 exclusive for years). On rare occasions the PS3 will secure some kind of extra I will want, like the HD move enabled Dead Space Extraction port with DS2. Another big reason is that I like the 360 controller better. The batteries aren’t internal and the battery life of the PS3 controllers is fairly shitty. Furthermore, I don’t like the feel of the PS3 controllers. I like the bumpter / trigger buttons of the Xbox 360 controller. The PS3 controller’s L2/R2 buttons bother me. They don’t feel as comfortable as the triggers.

Summary: I like the 360 controllers better and 360 multiplatform games tend to have better performance and extra content.

What sin said, except swap out 360 for PS3.

I can’t stand the external battery pack on the 360, it crams all my fingers together. Plus, with the PS3 controller you never have to buy batteries. I’m not sure about the battery life, but I only run out on my 13 hour Fallout extravaganzas. I completely agree with the L2 and R2 buttons being shit.

Battery charge lifespan seems negligible when the option for cords still remains.

Since I can’t recall any good exclusive games for the PS3, I haven’t bothered to by it.

I may now be able to play on a PS3 since my nephew got one for Christmas. Though the only PS3 game I think I’d like to try is Final Fantasy 13. Are there any other RPGs for it?

Yes, Valkyria Chronicles.

Also Demon Souls (if you like ripping your hair out in frustration due to sheer difficulty), 3D Dot Game Heroes (though it might be a bit too gimmicky to put down the money for it), and Disgaeas 3 & eventually 4 (if you’re into those types of games). I don’t know if Ar Torinco III left Japan yet or not but if it did and if you enjoyed AT2 you might be interested in that.

Also also the PSN is FINALLY getting off their collective keesters and putting up some decent PSX era JRPGs like Legend of Mana, Xenogears, the Arc the Lad trilogy, and so on.


Record of Agarest War
Star Ocean, the Last hope int’l
White Knight Chronicles
Resonance of Fate
Atelier Rorona
Trinity Universe

So yeah…

I generally get the 360 version. But PS3 does have some fun exclusives like God of War 3.

For the 360 though my Wife really loves Dance Central.