Public Apology

I’m sorry for calling you a drone and saying you just didn’t have a colorful personality, Nessa.

Will you marry me?

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Yes, I will =D

So if Fiona’s your girlfriend and Nessa’s your online wife, what does that make me?

My Adventurous Sexual Companion!

I’m satisfied.

A sophisticated way of saying ‘My slut’?

You’re just jealous that I don’t cyber you anymore!

Now that Nulani mentioned the obvious, I’m shocked dismayed and appaulled you’d label me as such! Change it!

May I point this out?

That is all.

If nessa is your wife, then what will happen to our relationship?

I thought you loved me ;_;

You’re the girl who put the Angel in Ev-angel-ion! Hehehe

That is all.[/QUOTE]

Dude, he’s asking to marry NESSA…I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I want an orange flavored popsicle.

That’s been my screen name for over a year and I never noticed the word angel. Rock on, Hades. I know I’m enthralled.

the word lion is in there too! like how you’re a lion in the sack!

You guys are being stupid. One stupid thread is enough. And this is NOT an invite to make another stupid thread because they are all locked.

PS: Asuka SUCKS :stuck_out_tongue: