Psycho Lady

Okay, so I was at work today- getting ready to close up (I work in the seafood department in a grocery store) when this lady comes up to me- screaming.


Me: “uh, okay… I think that she went home, but I’ll see if they’re there.”

CL: “If you don’t have anyone in there to help me, they might as well close the store!”

Me: “ignoring her I’ll go see if they’re there.”

checks, she’s in the back room cleaning

Me: There’s an insane bitchy lady here to see you.

she goes out, and I think that’s the end of it

But I was wrong. She came up to me asking for sea (large) scallops. I informed her that we had some thawed out in the case- and she told me that she wanted them in a plastic bag tagged up, like the bay (small) scallops were that day.

Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do that. We only bag them like that when they’re on sale.
CL: I’VE SEEN THEM LIKE THAT- I GO TO THIS STORE ALL THE TIME! I know- you’re keeping them from yourself! The scallops can’t come from nowhere!
Me: Uh, yeah. Like I said, I’m sorry. I can’t do that for you- if I were to bag them up frozen like that I’d have to do it for everyone, which I really don’t have time to do.
CL: muttering- I caught the words “filthy liar” Do you have any wahoo?
Me: Um… we’re out.

Then I hear her go to the store manager and yell at him for this GREAT tragedy. They just smiled and nodded- apparently she pulls this shit all the time.

I wish that was it.

She came up to me again, and acted like nothing happened. She asked me if they kept all our nuts in the produce. Since she was standing inside of said produce department, I said “yes.” :-p

Then she asked me if I had any plastic jars to put the licorice from the bulk candy case into.

Me: Uh… no.
CL: You have the oysters in plastic jars!
Me: Those are shipped to us. They have the labels already printed on them.
CL: How come you can’t dump the oysters out and give me one?
Me: Uh… first of all, that’s unsanitary. Second of all, that’d lose us money. Third of all, there are bags right there for it- it has the number that the cashiers need right on it.
Me: I would appreciate it if you didn’t swear at me.

I talked to the store manager, and he told me that he ignores her, because she’s a “coocoo bird,” and I talked to the front end (cashier) manager, and she told me that she’s a COMPLETE nutball. Apparently, she “rescues” animals from everywhere, including people’s houses, and puts them in her apartment, where they shit and piss everywhere, and she builds bizarre cardboard structures where they live. She tells people about this at every opportunity she can. Not only that, but she forces the front end people to put each and every item in TWO bags. It doesn’t matter what it is- everything must be bagged individually, in paper AND plastic.

I just wanted to share this with you for some reason. I think it’s partially because a lot of you seem to brag about how “crazy” you or we all are, but when we see real insanity- it’s not fun- it’s pathetic, sad, and sometimes scary. That or I wanted you all to laugh at the crazy lady.

She actually said guff? That’s hilarious.

Wow. Good job on keeping your cool. If I were in your position I probably would have just walked off.

Your respect for others knows no bounds.
Edit: IT would be really funny if she was a member of RPGC and she saw this.

I’m proud of you for keeping your cool. I guess to keep a job in the service industry you sort of have to do that, though. =)

It really is sad to know that people have problems like that.

Yeah. A fiftysomething year old lady who keeps 32094802398 cats in her apartment. I’m sure she surfs the net all the fucking time. :-p

It sucks that there are people that suffer from those conditions, and from having first hand experience with it, I know it’s not fun. Although those conversations are pretty comical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Filthy liar.

Um… what?

I believe PeTeR90 is insinuating that you are plotting to keep the scallops for yourself instead of double bagging and selling them to him.

Dude, I got a new respect for you. If I was in that position, I probably would have said “Sorry this isn’t my department, let me get a manager for you, young lady” and then run off and take a couple one hits, and then smoke a cig. And then come back pretending to be the manager with a wig on…I just made the last part of this up. But the one-hits and cig break parts are truths in my case. And after looking at what the lady said, I realized I’m not that crazy.

I’d probably turned “insane corporate machine” with her. Which is basically me giving all sales pitch requirements we’re supposed to give.

Sadly, I don’t have anything like that. I only have an angry motorcyclist who doesn’t seem to realize that leaving an opened gas hatch is actually dangerous (he wanted me to go activate the pump so he could gas while I was doing the dips, BAD idea that).

Whoa, you have some patience. I would’ve wound up snapping after a short while. Maybe someone could check on the lady over at her house, if she really isn’t living in the best conditions it may be best for social workers to come in and help her out.

That is certainly one crazy lady. I probably would’ve stuck to terse, one-word answers and got mad pretty quickly. Most likely by the second time she came back.

Yeah, working in a supermarket and trying to be nice to the customers all the time is likely to drive you mad.

I actualy worked in the seafood section of a grocery store as well, and I’ve meet many crazy people at my job as well, but never anyone as crazy as this.

Worst that’s happened there is this:

A man wanted some pickled herring so my coworker(Eric) got him a small container and priced it up for him, we put the tag on the bottom of the container so none of the brine will spill out when they scan it up front. However, the man though we did it for another reason

Man: Why the hell did you put that on the bottom?
Eric: Well, so nothing spills out when they scan it up front.
Man: That wasn’t my question, don’t try and rip me off.
Eric: What?
Man: Lemme look at the GOD DAMN price!
Eric: Oh, uh, sure shows man price
Man: as walking off dirty jew, trying to rip me off

This was very strange, since somehow the man could tell Eric was Jewish…

Wow. I know it’s been said, but congrats on keeping your cool. Especially with someone like THAT. Even though it was pretty funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, so she “rescues” animals from other peoples houses? I think I would call the cops, because the ownes probally want them back. Unless they were being abuses. I give you credit though, I have never heard about a crazier lady than that.

Ah, yes, that made my day. And restored my lack of faith in humanity. :smiley:

Sometimes I think I’ve reached the bottom…then I see things like that, and realize I have a long way to go before I reach that. Makes me feel big.