PSX released!

Actually, it was out in japan on the 13th, but the news article just came up.

<img src=“”> This had better get released in Europe soon. That should cause the PS2 prices to fall, so I can afford one. I mean, I already have a PC, I don’t need some crazy gizmo that pretends to be one and plays videogames :stuck_out_tongue:

… It doesn’t come with DualShock controllers.

To this day, I don’t understand what the big deal about it and why THE HELL it costs so much.

I don’t understand why they called it the PSX, that’s what the original PlayStation has been nicknamed for years.


Its a PS2 with a TIVO addon.

I think the X is for eXtreme.

The X is for “e<em>X</em>pensive”.

In all seriousness, this is probably a good product for Sony to release in Japan, as there is no real computer market there, so this will fill that void. But in America, where computers are incredibly mainstream, there’s just no point. It’s a huge cost for something that will do less than a comparably priced computer.

Meh, I’m just going to buy my PS2 used.