Anyone else keeping tabs on this?

It sounds like the whole debate with the PS3 vs Wii and PSP vs DS all over again.

The only difference right now is that surprisingly, Nintendo isn’t announcing games that I find interesting (Kid Icarus rail shooter? Zelda OoT remake? Yuk!), whereas Sony has an interesting line up, with MGS4, Yakuza and Uncharted.

PSP2… errrrh! Don’t know if want!

Both look like interesting systems but neither have games that interest me right now. Also the lackluster battery life on both systems doesn’t seem too appealing. I’m happy with my DS lite and GBA sp.

Basically this. Once the systems pass their launch lineups and reach their Lite’s and 2000’s then I’ll become more interested.

That said, it is kinda humorous that Nintendo and Sony are sorta swapping design philosophies this time. Its the 3DS has a built in high ticket 3D screen while the PSP’s sporting a second rear touch screen (although whether or not the second touch screen bricks at the drop of a PSP2 is another matter).

The PSP2’s screen is an OLED touch screen, Sony displays have always had excellent visuals. Don’t write it out. What I find really interesting is that the PSP2 has 2 joysticks, in contrast to the 3DS’ 1. This will influence how people play their games quite significantly imo. It’ll be interesting to see how the 2 sticks compare to the experience provided by the 3D. I’m very surprised that Nintendo stuck to the 1 joystick because of the sheer number of complaints people have made about the PSP’s nub.

I thought the PSP’s nub’s biggest problem was it’s placement rather than a lack of dual nubs. The 3DS’s nub looks to be further inward and with more handheld to hold in comparison. On the other hand I can definitely see the PSP2 winning a lot of market-share when it comes to ports to and from consoles.

If you try playing MGS Peace Walker, you rapidly see how the lack of a 2nd joystick is terrible.

The so-called PSP2 looks like a beast, but I would imagine that despite its somewhat superior specs, the price is gonna make or break it. And judging by what’s already in there, it’s gonna be crazy expensive.

Can’t comment much on the 3DS that hadn’t already been said. Though it would be nice if they had some more original stuff announced instead of a bunch of remakes.