Holy fucking shit. I am buying this. See nintendo? THIS is what you should have made the DS.,2053,1590675,00.asp

Check out that system! Holy shit i dont care how much it costs!


But it still costs a fortune.
I think I’d buy a new laptop and emulate instead. Would be nearly as cheap.

Sony have beefed that up so much I very much doubt they’ll be able to avoid making a loss on it either way… I’ll get one, as long as it’s under £150

It looks pretty cool, but I’m still not sure if I’ll be getting it or not. I’ll just have to wait and see…

But the DS has an extra screen man! You could like… see something and something else at the same fucking time. Sarcasm aside, the PSP does look kick ass. I’d be all over this thing if I had any money ever.

:moogle: What I only care about is how much it costs now.

One of the aspects I am really interested in is the wireless internet conection,just imagine the possibilities,playing multiplayer games without any cable to connect to another PSP that sounds great.

oh poor nintendo, we’re forsaking you.

I say the same thing about this that I saw about the DS: I’ll just wait and see.

If I read correctly, the battery life may only be 2 hours. That’s a HUGE no for any sort of portable device. It’d be really annoying to have to buy about 10 batteries just for a roadtrip.

I’ve heard it’ll be in the 3 to 4 hour area, but either way, it’s an extremely short time.

it does look pretty damned sweet, but all the things I can think of that are wrong with it have already been mentioned. Let’s hoping they manage to somehow increase battery life or decrease the price.

And I don’t think the DS looks much better. :frowning:

Its got a low battery life because it has to have a motor to spin the disc inside of that UMD case. I doubt they will be able to get it up too high.

Hopefully Sony’ll be smart and release a chargeable battery like the SP’s for it… 4 hours is still shit, motor or no motor. Look what happened to the Game Gear and the Lynx, for god’s sake- great consoles whose chances of succeeding died with their six betteries. :-/

That sounds pretty cool, but if it is going to be really expensive when it comes out, then i wait a while, for the price to go down. Why do they have to release things at such a high price?

Disgaea’s coming to it, forcing me to buy Sony’s infernal device. DAMN YOU!

“For security reason.” Oh, and read the two posts before yours.

Considering that the Playstation’s greatest games are RPGs, and considering that RPGs take hours upon hours to complete, low battery life could be a big problem.

EDIT: Among the games we spotted: Death Jr., Hot Shots Golf, Frogger, an unidentified beachball game, a Tales game from Namco, Ape Escape, Armored Core, Syphon Filter, Spider-Man, MediEvil, Dynasty Warriors, Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, Tony Hawk, Darkstalkers, Wild Arms, and Metal Gear Solid.

I’m getting one.

The four games that are coming out on the launch are all sports though… I’ll probably wait a while.

USB 2.0 & firewire

PS2 and psp = GbA and GC

FFCC on PS2?
Looks possible but the PSP will have to ‘Charge’ Via PS2 usb or Firewire. 10 hours on with Card only, 2 hours disk time? (Work on it Sony!) will we get FF1-6 again?

Big nutter