PSP Tactics Ogre remake?!


I’ll be excited when the game is confirmed to not be a slow, tedious grindfest. I applaud Tactics Ogre for probably singlehandedly setting the standard for which many strategy RPGs are made these days…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’ve tried many times to get into this game, and it just never works out. Even with the SNES version getting translated, which should mean all around quicker gameplay with fast-forwarding and savestates, I still found this game to go nowhere fast. I think Tactics Ogre is better remembered for its historical significance and influence over the genre, rather than being remembered to be an actually good game. I’d love to see that all change, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.

The game is very well made, but I agree the pacing is an issue. I’m not sure they’ll fix the pacing because the announcement mentioned battles could include even more characters. Something I find really encouraging about this is that Matsuno’s back.

You know, I’ll be pretty okay with whatever they do, as long as I don’t feel like I have to go do the Training bullshit after every 1-2 storyline battles. That’s really the biggest hurdle to the enjoyment that TO faces; if you aren’t grinding a lot, you’re probly getting your shit kicked in.

I agree, that would be nice. My guess is that since a lot of different tactical games have been made since, we’ll see those lessons applied. FFT was made by the same team and I could finish the games severely under-leveled provided the right classes and gear.

This is more of a “re-imagining” than a remake, so there’s hope that gameplay problems may be fixed.

I’m just disapointed it’s for the PSP. I haven’t used a portable system since Game Boy. I don’t see the need for one anymore as I only play games at home and I can’t stand the smalled screens. Hell, I played my Super Game Boy more than the original.

For the record though, I did beat the PSX version of the game and I still have it. I grinded to level 50 (the max) as soon as feasable (it wasn’t so bad when I discovere the autoplay function) and killed the end boss in one hit. Then again I’m a glutton for grinding punishment thanks to Disgaea, etc.

My god did you miss a lot of good stuff on the DS.

Holy hell! The man is back. And he’s bringing a new TO game with him (well a newly reimagined TO). I had given up hope of seeing another OB/TO/VS game since that fiasco surrounding FFXII.

I only hope this game isn’t forced to employ yet another Vann and Penelo.

He speaks the truth.

I’ve played almost exclusively portable games for the last three years. I don’t feel I’ve missed much on the consoles. :sunglasses: The PSP’s screen is actually really large and high-res for its size, I never felt it was too small. The DS - eh, a bit, but the games are still lots of fun.

Yeah, if you’re into RPGs, you haven’t missed much. A couple really good games, but not many.