PSP or Wii?

I’m not sure whether to get a PSP or a Wii. I don’t really know what RPGs are out for Wii but I know the new FFT and Disgaea are for PSP, but I don’t really have any other reason for buying one. Any suggestions on which would be better to get?

The Wii will probably be lacking in the RPG department, but I know there will be a Zelda game or two as well as the next Fire Emblem. I’m hoping to the high heaven for a Mario RPG sequel more like the original though.

On the PSP side, there are a ton of Final Fantasy remakes and well as Star Ocean 1 and 2, not to mention Disgaea. However tempting it may be, I still won’t give in because I can’t stand playing games on a handheld. Even if there is an add-on to play them on a TV, it’s still just not the same.

Wii is going to get some good RPGs, like Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and a whole whack of Virtual Console games, but the main point of the Wii is for multiplayer.

Go with the Wii if you have lots of friends to kick with Smash Brothers Brawl. Go with PSP if you do not have a lot of friends. Simple =D (Except Brawl also has online multiplayer… drool)

They are both good, but so many suffer from this and this. If you get a PSP, don’t just get it for a couple of games. Otherwise the console isn’t worth it.

Experience: Has both. Plays the Wii much more.

that’s true the PSP does have those, but they are essentially rehashes of the Gameboy Advance re-hashes of the PSX rehashes of the NEs/SNES originals. shrug Nothing new if you own them on another system.

Well no one said it yet so… Good luck finding a wii :smiley:

Yeah the Wii is lacking in the RPG department. Its a good machine but I don’t see RPGs coming to it much.

The PSP doesn’t have much for it yet - but there’s a whole slough of announced titles.

I also thought I’d never be able to bring myself to play handheld games, but my DS has completely convinced me. I’ll be picking up a PSP as soon as I finish my DS backlog, if that ever happens (new games I really want keep getting released).

I"ll probably end up getting both at some point. I’ll probably be getting the Wii first, as there are more games for it now, while the PSP some time in the future. Maybe when it comes down in price a good bit.

Cid: the problem with your saying there aren’t any games on it YET is that the system has been out for many many years now and any system that doesn’t have games on it YET should send a clear message to consumers.

There are a couple games but for the price tag attached to it, a couple neat remixes or spin offs is hardly convincing.

It hasn’t been out for “many” years, but anyway… the point is that up until last year or so, most people gave the PSP a miss precisely because they thought it was a fairly useless console. Companies only seem to have woken up in the last year and realized they could put a lot of quality stuff on it. So there’s a lot of quality stuff that’s been announced but not released yet.

Super Mario Galaxy comes out in eight days. Make of that what you will.

Eh, it’s been like 2 and a half years so far in the US.

Super Mario Galaxy looks enticing, even though I ended up hating Mario 64 after trying to get star no. 567. There still runs some platforming in my veins, it seems.

I’d get a Wii Over an Xbox360 or PS3 Anyday but PSP is more useful than all of them so I’d get a PSP