I just started an Elan Psion for a campaign one of my friends is running.
Now, I usually like to plan my characters in advance, so I’ll usually make a twentieth level character sheet, just so I can see where I’m going, only leaving out things like exact XP counts and HP, etc.
So I made one for this guy. One of his powers can deal 20d6 damage, with no power resistance or saving throw. An element of my choice. This will cost him twenty power points. He has 495. This means he can cast it over twenty times a day. I have other unbalancers like this. With the ‘decerebrate’ power, I augmented the save DC and took out an Adult Gold dragon in one round, when I was testing out the character during my free period.
My point is, this guy is awesome, but doesn’t that strike you as a little, or even very, unbalancing? In fact, psionics in general seem unbalanced to me…

EDIT: It wasn’t Decerebrate… that can’t be augmented. It was one of the instant death spells, though.

That’s strange, I can’t see how any power can be augmented to a point to have near godly success against something with even a +10 save. All powers cannot be augmented past the base cost for your highest level power.

Going by Dnd 3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook, augmentations are limited by your manifester level. If your manifester level is 20, you can’t go past 20 power points for the total cost of a power. I wasn’t able to find any instant death powers that can be augmented and all the elemental changing powers have a saving throw except for Energy Ray which requires a ranged touch attack.

Eh, Energy Ray didn’t as of 3rd edition. They probably realized how stupid that was.