Psionics in my campaign

I’m looking for some advise here.
I’ve let a player create a psionisist and it seems to be working out pretty well but I’m starting to have a problem with some of the powers. Such a Kinectic Barrier - He can put up a barrier and absorb and store damage then release it on his oppenent. I just dont think a psionsist should be able to easily defeat anything. I was thinking of putting a restraint on it, like he can only store as much damage as he has PSP’s left. Does this sound like a fair solution? But if anyone has any other idea’s I"m open to them…

Thanks in advance…

Using the D&D 3.5 Expanded Psionics handbook, I cannot find a mention of a power called Kinetic Barrier. Either you’re using a different system, or your player is bullshitting you. Regardless, read the source material your player draws from, since there is almost undoubtedly already a cap or limitation in place that you just don’t know about.

Thanks for the reply,
I’m using the rules out of Skills & Power. Also, I have read it in detail and it doesn’t state a limit what so ever. What I suggested earlier… does that seem somewhat fair? I may even have to cut it to for every 2 PSP’s he has he can store one damage. He has about 110 PSP’s.

Your still using 2nd?

yeah… kinda… I use what works for the group and me. I like some things about 3rd and some about 2nd… not core rules… I use Skills and Powers with in 2nd

I find that psionics are usually WAY overpowered, and no one I play with allows their use.

Everything remotely related to Psionics or ninth-level spells in second edition is completely and totally broken. You probably should put al imit on it, but if you want a more fun and player-abusive solution, try this:
Well, if you’re using some second edition, you can always have him fight a Strife Demodand, which would teach him a lesson about misusing powers. Strife Demodands are healed from all damage they take, and injured by healing. So, no-matter how much he uses that power or how powerful it is, he’ll never kill it that way.

3.5’s Psionics are the most balanced thing there is in the system.

Now that we’ve had a good laugh, let’s be serious.

It better than serpent kingdoms. MUCH BETTER. Although, my view may be screwed because for me the XPH mostly consitsts of soulknives and psionic feats for said soulknife. And yeah, the XPH isn’t bad. I mean most the 2E stuff you reference is more broken than uh… May’s 5P.

I /AM/ being serious, knuckle head.

I haven’t read up on the 3.5 psionics, but given the track record with 2e and 3e, it’s hard to believe what you say, Lunaris. But hey, like I said, I haven’t read it, so i’m probably wrong.

Psionic is, indeed, powerfull if your games only have 1, 2 encounters. Meaning that a Psionic can blow out all of his Psionic Points in thoses encounters. There is some builds that allow you to do absurd amounts of damage and effects at the cost of wasting /ALL/ your Psionic Points. That’s called ‘Going Nova’.

However, when you start reaching 4 encounters or so per day(or without rest), a Psionic, if he uses his powers, will not do it to /full capacity/ all the time. Thus meaning, he will be using them VERY sparringly, or use many low-chance of success or low-effect damage powers frequently.

While that a wizard/sorcerer, even limited with spell slots, don’t need to waste more slots to make their spells more effective and follow their levels. An level 5 Wizard casting an Level 1 Magic Missile will be at Caster Level 5, no matter what.

A Level 5 Psionic Manifesting Energy Ray, without augmenting, will be using an 1d6 Ranged Touch Attack, costing 1 PP. To be equal to the Wizard, he’ll need to add 4 more PP(thus, making the Power effectivly an level 3 Power by itself) and boost it to 5d6 Damage.

Equal to most offensive spells Arcane Magic has at Spell Level 3.

Maybe not the /most/ balanced of it all(because frankly, ‘Balance’ and ‘D&D’ don’t exists in the same sentance completly), but I certainly find that it’s a good system for psionics.

Serpent Kingdoms is broken more in favour of DMs; the Faerunian Ha-Naga just wins, and it theoretically isn’t playable.
I mean it, give one of those sons of bitches class levels, and it will never die.

Psionics are not remotely balanced; Energy Ray alone unbalances psionics; max it out with pp-upgrades, and make a ranged touch attack. There is no save, and you just choose an energy type the creature is weak to.
Then there’re all the telepath powers. Then there is the Psion Fucking Uncarnate. Combine this class with rogue for limitless sneak attacks and complete invulnerability to damage if you play your cards right by level 15. Just stand next to a wall, and make a five-foot step into the actual fabric of the wall after you attack. Or, in the event you have ranged attacks, just stand inside the wall with your bow and shoot out of it. Or use psionic powers.
Psionics are fair at very low levels, and then they just keep getting more and more broken to the point they eventually just become outright unfair.

Ain’t that’s the point of all Spell/Special power-based classes, to be fair at first then become ungodly broken?

Because that’s the case of Wizards too, buster.

Oh, did I mentioned Druids too? Thoses are even sicker.

And let’s not forget fucking Clerics.

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