Will you buy a PS3 when it comes out?

Launch day? Nah. I’m probably gonna wait at least a year for the price to drop.

Me too.Glad someone agrees with me.:hahaha; :moogle:

If not the day of, probably the week of.

I would figure the $549 to $659 price for the PS3 in Canada would be better suited to paying off rent, Setz.

I’m going to get a Wii when it comes out, then maybe a year or two later I’ll get a PS3.

Hell no. That shit’s expensive.

Not until the first price drop at the earliest.

Same here…I think I got my PS2 well over a year after it was released.

Should be an “Undecided” option.
If I can manage to save up the funds I would need to purchase that and a few games at launch, hell yeah. If not it’s whenever I save up enough to. I’m not gonna be out of college forever, so I might as well enjoy it.

I think this constitutes as a burn.

Fucking brilliance.

out of the 3 options i would have to get a PS3 first or XBOX 360 but i prolly wont get it for like two years after they come out, i got my ps2 in like 2003 and Xbox in 2004,

No, of course not.

Hells no - the current price is impractically expensive for my entertainment purposes. Helloo, price drop!

Its not the fact that its expensive, but Id rather use the money for something well, more productive. Like funding the band or something. Now thats expensive, we got a good $6000^ on our heads right now

Not only is it too dear but good games might not come out as soon as it is released and waiting a while would give Sony a chance to work out any bugs

No, I’m waiting for a price drop. I pay less than this for rent and food in a month and it’s not even with 1 included game.

Besides, the launch lineup has yet to be announced, or if it was then I missed it.

Nah, I’ll wait a few months

Unless some game I really want should come out for it, no way. I already spend too much money being an anime fan.