PS3 vs Wii

No, this isn’t some argument based on preference.

It’s just a video spoof, and rather amusing at that.

Das Link

(I’d tap that ass too)

That’s good enough for me! Wii it is!

Isn’t that the same chick from the net neutrality music video?

That still haunts my dreams.

Wow that video is convincing.Pulls out shotgunI can’t wait for the PS3 to come out,it will be fun to blow it up.Go Wii!!!

Completely unrelated but also totally hilarious video

Haha I love losers that go out and make videos of people talking about how big of losers the other people are.

I also love losers that go online and talk about how big of losers people that go out and make videos of people talking about how big of losers the other people are!

Wii it is. :slight_smile: As for the second video, anything with the Hulkster gets my vote. X-D

I wanna see PS3 stomp scrawny Wii’s butt into the ground. :slight_smile:

The PS3 has Tekken and Solid Snake, but I want to bang the Wii. Er, play the Wii. Oh, well, I can always just bang it , um, I mean, play it, in the store and never call it again.

I’m going for the Wii, myself. Though I decided that long ago. But this video made me chuckle.

complimentary virgin!..that means the ps3 right?

And I’m trying not to make a “Gonads and Strife” joke about the WIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! … I mean, uh, d’oh!

I decided on the Wii long before I saw that video. It simply isn’t within my budget constraints to get something as ridiculously priced as a PSIII. Blue Ray my ass. PSIII is going to fail big time simply because most parents do not have unlimited budgets to spend on their children. I also hate the massive amount of utility crap that comes with the PSIII. What ever happened to a game system being… oh… you know… a GAME SYSTEM? Are we going to have DVD player/microwave oven/computer/telephone/electronic dildos that just happen to be able to play games in the future from Sony and Microsoft? That seems to be the direction it’s headed in. I predict that the Wii will be (by far) the greatest success.

I dig the Wii.

That video made reading this thread all the worth while! Well, the first video was cool too.

It’s called convergence, you ignorant savage. pouts

Wii is ‘Wee!’

I still say I’ll end up splurging on the PS3 before I get any other consoles. I’m a PC gamer at heart :C

I’m a PC gamer at heart, also. The caveat being I want my PC games on the fucking computer.

I wish it was Pokemon day here. :[