PS3 owners get the shaft once again!

Dudes, Rinn has a specific serious face for when he is serious, remember?

Can someone tell me why this thread sounds like Chris Rock’s opening monologue from Lethal Weapon 4?

Hey now

Nuh uh. You should never say fuck, cause fuck is the worst word you can ever say, so instead of fuck say mmmm-kay!

It’s totally true, I saw it on TV once.

Every time I see the title of the thread it seems so joyous! Not malignant at all; that’s my dirty mind.


Also, Epic, care to share any of this shit the public doesn’t know about GH3, or would you have to kill us if you told us? If so, can 984 die in my place?

Personally, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I still have my hands full with GH3, and by the time I am ready to move on to rock band they will probably have this unpleasantness settled.