PS3 owners get the shaft once again!

So how many times does that make PS3 owners having received the shaft?

Well, getting so much shaft, there’s supposedly some merit in having a liking towards S/M…

The age we live in, hardware/software compatibility shouldn’t be restricted just because you want people to buy YOUR thing… t’would make things much easier for the innocent consumer as well. (“Why doesn’t the guitar I bought last week work!? And it was so expensive. etc etc.”)

I don’t understand, why did Activision object? Did blizzard put them up to this?


Let me put it this way: They wouldn’t be out of place in a gay porn movie.

Activision made GH3. Harmonix made Rock Band.

Sigh There goes my excuse to get both games.

Quit being so melodramatic.

Says the guy working for a subsidiary of Activision.

Hey, we fucking made gh3, I was at neversoft for the majority of the development cycle, but working here hasn’t changed my opinion of what I think about games in any significant way. I still think this a terrible decision on Activision’s part if it’s true, but it certainly wouldn’t be Activision’s first questionable decision when it comes to Guitar Hero. Regardless, being all melodramatic about a plastic guitar is ridiculous. If you want my solution to the problem just only buy Rock Band. Or suck it up and wait for the patch to happen because it will eventually. Or just use the Rock Band Guitar. Or don’t buy the ps3 versions.

I have my isssues with gh3 just like everyone else, hell I probably have more then most people because I know about a lot of shit the general public doesn’t know anything about.

Man, Epic, why are you so angry?

And you know you’ve got rage issues when of all people, Sin is the one commenting on them.

Totall - HEY!

I’m not I just swear a lot.

Well, swear words are how we humans express anger and rage so that we don’t pick up a tire iron and beat the shit out of somebody (cookies to whoever guesses the guy who said this). So, in essence, you’re still angry.

But fuck is such a good word. :frowning:

That’s bullshit. I say fuck all the fucking time you fucking fucker.

Perception is a bitch. You can’t type in a way that doesn’t seem like yelling if it contains a swear or “harsh” intonations.

And you all take things seriously. :stuck_out_tongue: