Is the Playstation2-DVDplayer region free?

“One good thing about your PlayStation 2 is that it’s able to play your DVD
Movies! However, there are specific regions that you can play. NTSC/J machines
can play Region 2 DVDs, NTSC/UC plays Region 1 DVDs, and PAL I am not sure of.
However, all PS2 systems can play DVDs that have “Region ALL” printed on the
back of the case.”

-From TimiAzN’s Playstation 2 FAQ on

Here’s something I found a while ago, not sure if it actually works though.

Regional Lockout Bypass

Note: This trick requires an original non-analog PlayStation controller and a Japanese PlayStation 2 console with the launch version DVD utility software
(version 1.0) and memory card package.

Plug the controller into port one. Place a DVD disc in the system and hold Up until the DVD player menu appears. Release Up, and select the play icon.

Or, you could just buy something like DVD Region Free. I have DVD Region X and use it to play my import anime.

thats more trouble than its worth,besides if it dosent have regionfree I could just buy a regionfree player.

What are regions for anyway?

To stop you importing and playing DVDs from other countries.

are regionless players legal?
I know regionless discs are legal because I have bought plenty of them in
Wal-Mart. bargin bins.

Regions are rapidly losing favour. Basically they were implemented to keep films that might not be permitted in one country from being bought and played in that country from somewhere else, but overall, regionless items are permitted. New computers don’t have region locks, either, I think. I think they’ll phase out the system eventually.

Actually, new computers have stronger region locks. Older DVD-ROM drives would allow you to change the region of your player up to 5 times before it locked. New DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drives only allow you to set the region once. Region-free DVD players are technically legal, but only because they can play discs of the region in which you live. By several countries’ law, you can not import media. Japan has the strictest laws that I’ve seen, but from what I’ve heard they’re rarely enforced; technically, you aren’t allowed to take any movies, music, or video games out of Japan.

The reason for region coding on DVD players (as well as on game consoles) is simple; the industry wouldn’t make nearly as much money if it wasn’t there. Think of it this way: if there was no region coding on your PS2, Europeans would probably import games from the US, and often get them months before their local release. How does this hurt the developers? Well, suddenly the European branch of the company the game was bought from isn’t making any sales, so they assume that users in Europe no longer want their product, so they pack up and move out. No more German/French/other translations for non-english speakers over there. The same in the US would apply. If we could simply import JP games months before they came out here, the US branch wouldn’t sell any games, and they’d leave, meaning no more english translations.

With movies, there’s another catch; sometimes, movies get released drastically earlier in some areas. For example, parts of southeast Asia (particularly Singapore and Hong Kong) often get movies direct to DVD. Thus, as we’re watching Spiderman 2 or Alien vs. Predator in theaters here, Sony or TCFHE might release the films direct to DVD in those areas. Thus, instead of spending the money on box office tickets, we could just import the film on DVD and watch it in our own homes. In addition, some scenes are rated more heavily in certain areas. In the US, what might be considered too much for an R rated movie might be alright for viewing in the UK (and vise versa). Germany (last I heard) has very strict rules about violence and profanity in movies, so many things may be edited from a German release, while full nudity, which would be edited from the American release, may be left in.

Region-free DVDs are, of course, perfectly legal (as long as they’re not pirated… ^^). They were intended to be used in all regions by the publisher, often because they were released in most or all regions simultaneously, or because they have all languages of a movie that the company intended to release.

So it’s kinda complicated, but it’s there for a reason. Yes, your PS2 is region coded. If you get an aftermarket product like DVD Region X, and you’re not using a 50000 model PS2, you can watch all region DVDs, but you still can’t play other region games.

you said its technacly illegal to import games.
Is legal to import PSONE,SNESor NES games(they dont make them anymore).
Because I would love to have Terranigma for console use.