PS2 Woes

I’ve neglected my PS2 for about a month due to work and playing Fire Emblem on my Gamecube. It’s been acting crazy for a while making clicking sounds but generally it works most of the time. Now when I go back to it, I get the alarming “Disc Read Error” at an alarming rate. The only thing that I can get to work with any regularity is the FFXII demo disc. Sometimes it’ll click a few times and then load the “Playstation2” screen, but then doen’t do anything else.

I’ve looked on GameFAQ’s and found I guide that suggested vaccumming dust of the system and put scotch tape on CDs. I’ve done both with no improvement. The next thing it suggests is buying a “cleaning CD” to clean the laser. Has anyone gotten one of these? If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have my friend help me take it apart and realign the laser. I’m just asking for other suggestions. Oh, and before anyone asks, I’m like the most mechanically disadvantaged person on earth, that’s why I need someone to help me take it apart if necessary. Thanks in advance!

Nothing you do to the discs is going to help. Neither is doing anything to the laser (outside of raising the seat height, which your friend is going to do if he’s realigning it). The reason your PS2 sucks has nothing to do with the laser, but with the laser voltage control chip, the LA6508. Reseating your laser closer to the disc (turning the cogs to literally raise it higher) will solve your problem for a little bit, but you’ll experience the same problems once again later on down the road.

That’s what I figued. I think I’ll probably just get a used PS2 somewhere.