PS2 Online

I propose we make a list showing who plays what, what times to meet them, etc.

I only play PS2 Online rather than offline gaming as of recently. I play with a few friends who I know in RL and it’s getting boring. Also the titles we play can only be entertaining for a while. If anyone here plays it, I’m up for a game. I got keyboard and headset as well.

Monster Hunter- Setz
Battlefield 2- Setz
Champions of Norrath- Setz
Champions: Return to Arms- Setz20
SOCOM 1- Setz
SOCOM 2- haven’t started yet, fucking 3mb file.
Killzone- Setz, also 3mb file.
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun- Setz
Resident Evil Outbreak- Setz
Resident Evil File 2- Setz
Amplitude- Setz