PS2 and DVD troubles

Hey you, technician dudes! Here’s a little query for you :slight_smile:

Jing just got some DVDs from a friend, and we were going to take a look using my PS2. Sound good, picture good… color is black and white. Neat-o. After some fiddling (as the anti-techno girls we are) we decided to simply resort to scream for help. Now, any ideas or carrots?

Jing: does the technicolor pleeease dance

Are all the DVDs you have like this, or just the ones you got from him/her?

It might be your PS2, or it might be the DVDs themselves…

him/her = your friend

One time, I was playing FFX, and I wanted to sit on the couch so I pulled the PS2 forward a bit so the controller would reach to the couch, and I accidentally pulled the a/v cord just the slightest bit so the color went away! I thought it was pretty cool, but I just wiggled it back into place and it was normal again. Maybe that’s what happened…?

That could be it.

I got an idea, get some DVDs that werent made in the 1940’s

Charl. That was beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

I always remember how on the Home Theater Forum that the PS2 is very bad on playing dvds. Hate to say it, but you might want to get a new dvd player.

My PS2 plays DVD’s fine… Dunno why people say they’re bad for it.

And as for the picture, it might be the cord came out, like said earlier.

It might not be the DVD player, but it could also be your TV.

I have a 28" Philips one in my room that shows my Slayers DVDs B/W, but luckily, our widescreen shows the colors normally. Of course, our regular DVD polayer doesn’t run the Slayers Try DVD’s, so I have to drag my PS2 and the region X thingy downstairs if I wanna watch 'em… ditto with Excel Saga :(…

It may have something to do with NTSC compatibility. Check out how it workjs with each one of your televisions. Helped me, so maybe you too?

I need an RGB Scart cable to play import DVDs in full colour on my PS2, Weiila. You might wanna look around for one of those if that’s the problem, and you can get those that are made especially for the PS2. They’re pretty cheap - I think mine cost about a fiver (in GBP, of course :P)

These are the only DVDs ever to enter this house. It’s anime. =P Ranma ½, to be exact. And I already checked if the cables were loose… goes through the suggestions Right, so downstairs to another TV it goes!

Gals, if you have two SCART plugins on the TV, try the other one.

I know that works on my TV atleast.

Well, the downstairs TV didn’t even show black and white. It just refused to cooperate at all. And I tried both… plugin things.

Your PS2/TV is working with M-PAL and the discs are in NSTC or vice-versa.

Very important! Weiila/Jing, are you connecting your PS2 to a VCR, or directly to your TV? Because many DVDs incorporate an anti-piracy feature that purposefully degrades the signal, so that if it goes through an extra device on its way to the TV (such as a VCR), the picture gets all wacky. The idea is that if someone tries to record a DVD onto a VHS tape, it won’t come out properly. For me, this always resulted in the image fading in and out periodically. I have to directly connect my PS2 to the TV for it to play DVDs right.

If you connect your PS2 through your VCR, try hooking it right into the TV. Of course, this means you must have A/V in on your TV. If not, there are converters from A/V to RF, but those might also degrade the signal. You can always borrow a friend’s TV for testing, though… surely you can get ahold of one that uses A/V.

Kero’s right. That’s what happened to me before. I just got another cable, and it’s been working fine since.

Glory to the world, it finally worked. We pretty much dug out an older TV from the closet of “Stuff to be used when moving out”, and it had color. And there was much rejoicing.

It had two plugin things, and one said AV/RGB or something.

does the thank you all for the help dance

Hey, told ya to try another TV. Always works. Heck, has worked with several of my friends’ PS2’s aswell!

I tried every damn TV in the house… =P Of course the <i>last</i> one worked. :fungah: