PS1 RPGs experts

Did PAL regions get any titles [whether true RPG or having RPG elements] that NTSC didn’t? By NTSC I mean US NTSC.

I know some NTSC never got PAL, such as Parasite Eve.

NTSC has PE, considering it’s sitting in a big container full of my older less played games.

I’m not too sure about this one, but I’m pretty sure that some PAL editions of PS1 RPGs came with bonus features that NTSC never got. I mean, these days, PAL gets all the extra bonus features in the new FF games, but I’m not TOO sure about PS1 ones.

Plus they have a ton of languages to choose from besides english, like german and italian, and sometimes french and spanish.

Yes I know. What I mean was it never ever got a PAL release.

Ok your wording made it look like you were saying NTSC never got PE. My bad sorry.

Anyone know anything about NTSC non released RPGs?

Japanese ones?