Prologue of "D.N.A."

Hey people…

Fighting homeworks and lessons, I’m still writing on saturday afternoons only. THis is the prologue of a fanfic I’m going to write, “WITHOUT TORTURING SQUALL OR EVEN MAKING HIM THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!”(HEAR THIS OUT!!!).

Anyways, you will probably guess who the main character is after reading the prologue. I’ll try to make it another mystery, but a little bit brighter than “Retaliation” if everything else fails, you’ll still have a prologue:)

Onwards, once again!(stolen statement)




“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!?” Squall screamed at Zell, as one of his hands was clutching his collar.
“Honestly, man, I didn’t mean to-“
“Let go of me, man! LET ME GO!!!” Zell raised his fist to throw a punch at Squall, but Squall’s gloved hand had already landed on Zell’s nose.

“Squall…” Rinoa started,
“Shut up!” he snapped, “I’m not letting him go without a proper punishment! You have endangered everything, jeopardized my mission!”
“I had no idea, I swear-“
“Let him go!” Irvine said, as he aimed at Squall’s head with the Exeter he had.

Squall turned around a bit to look at him, his trenchcoat flying around.

“Irvine? Mercy? To him? After what he has done!?”
“There’s no way she knows.” Irvine explained, simply.
Squall laughed out of his anger, “There’s no way!? She drank the thing right away! And she’s feeling more energetic than ever now! What happens if she passes on to the next stage, ever thought of that!?”

“Such thing won’t happen.” A voice came.

Squall turned around with the others to see Laguna, walking in with Quistis as Ward and Kiros were dragging a third, fainted figure with a silvery-coloured trenchcoat on.

“What do you mean… Sir?” Squall asked, bitterly, letting go of Zell.
“She won’t be aware of it. Because, I caught the most threatening item we had in this project.” Laguna replied, adjusting his uniform.
“With all due respect, sir,” Squall said, “We’re talking about a friend in here. And I want every risk calculated.”
“Do we have a conflict of interest?” Quistis snarled at him.
“No.” Squall replied, anger rising within him, “I have interest in conflict.”

“Even if they manage to identify the modifications,” Zell started to explain, as he tried to stop his nose from bleeding, “And it has some pretty strage side-effects on hair I must say, they won’t connect it to us.”
“To C.O.N.C.E.A.L.?” Rinoa asked, “If they find the connection, then-“
“They will be sniped out.” Irvine replied.

An awkward silence fell between them. Everyone stared at one another, expecting everyone and themselves as well to say something. Tearing away from the others, Squall walked to the only existing window in the whole, big, white room full of technical equipment.

His ice-blue eyes stared outside to the purple soil of Esthar. He crossed his arms and kept his frown straight on. Even his trenchcoat stood silent.

“An argument again?” Headmaster Cid asked as he walked in from the door.
“I’m afraid so.” Laguna replied, “Though we managed to capture Seifer Almasy and kept him out of contact with the subject, we are dealing with a conflict of interest here.”
“Conflict of interest?” Rinoa asked ragefully, “He wants to keep his friend from harm!”
“He never had a ‘friend’ but himself.” Quistis said, as her eyes shot a dirty look at Squall’s back.

“Yeah, but you do, don’t you?” Squall snarled at her with his back still turned, “Selling them out to C.O.N.C.E.A.L.?”
“Squall, watch where you’re stepping.” Quistis warned him.
“What if I don’t?” Squall asked, turning around, his arms still crossed.
“I will make you pay!” Quistis said.
“Whatever.” Squall replied.

His right hand dug into his inner pocket and took out a handgun. The handgun’s barrel was aiming at Quistis’ chest as it shot out thirteen adamantine bullets that were buried deep into her chest.

“YOU!?” Irvine turned around and aimed at Squall as Headmaster Cid raised his hand to make him stop.
“Stop, Irvine. She was with S.E.C.R.E.C.Y.”
“Surely?” Irvine asked.
“Sure.” Squall replied, “But this can also mean-“

The alarms started to ring in the facility.

Attention all personelle! Attention all personelle! Subject Of Project Chimera has breached through the defensive perimeter fence. Evacuate for the reclaiming of Project Chimera.

“What the hell?” Zell asked.
“She’s here.” Laguna said, as he held on to his machine gun.
“Here!?” Zell asked, as he got out his double sub-machine guns.
“Here.” Squall replied calmly, as he refreshed the clip of his pistol and got out another one, identical as the first- silver coloured with a Griever mark on the handle.

“Can we hold out?” Rinoa asked, as she took out her machine gun as well.
“We have to try.” Irvine replied, as Kiros and Ward joined at them, standing at their sides.

The door across the hall they had just gotten out to was blasted open. A blue light aura was surrounding the slim figure of a girl-no, a woman who walked inside.

It was shakedown time.

Damn. Guess not. My apologies.

One day one of your prologues will kill somebody with tension, Joker :slight_smile: In other words you manage to create complete confusion as usual in the beginning of your stories.

Sorry was out, and I must say, WOAH. Cannot wait!

A bit melodramatic, but that may just be my taste. Are we supposed to know what all those acronyms are? Would that help me understand why Quistis was killed off so early on?

Minor grammar:
A blue light aura was surrounding the slim figure of a girl-no, a woman who walked inside.
Should be.
A blue light aura was surrounding the slim figure of a girl - no - a woman who walked inside.
The intergection should be bracketed by the same punctuation mark, it’s less confusing (although most people can easily guess what you mean).

Also, the wording is a little unusual in that sentence. If you specify a color with an aura, you don’t really need the word light. As it is, it feels like the sentence wants to say light blue aura.

Don’t ye know, unless it’s not stories like my upcoming “Penultimate Force”, I tend to start with some place near the ending, like “Retaliation” like “Retaliation:Afterpiece Noir” and “D.N.A.”

Sorry was out? Thank you… I’m gonna write it now.

D.N.A. will not center Squall, as you saw… And it’s kinda like an AU fic, though some events of the past like Ultimecia does exist.

The thing will kinda go like this:

“Location:Dollet,Abandoned Warehouse”

Blah blah blah


which will show you how THEY are watching. The places will switch between “Classified” location and the location our main character is currently in.

I’m gonna write it, folks, just for your sakes!:slight_smile: