Project F

An original story I’m setting up. Based on a combination of things: Most being RPGs (early pre-FFVI games & Legend of Zelda), Celtic mythology, and Greco-Roman mythology. The first series of stories is called “Cycle of Earth”

Main Heroes:

  • Ronan: The Hero of the story, the son of a black smith who has a sacred mark on his hand and wields a magical imitation of a sacred blade that felled the “Devil King” When his village was burned to the ground by an evil man, losing his friends and family as a result, Ronan begins his adventure and helps others along the way.
    ** Core Basis, 1st Half: The Link from Twilight Princess (minus hat and elf ears)

  • Tomas & Molli: Twin children of the legendary Rileohan of the Cait Clan. However, being half-human, the two were originally outcasts in the human village that fell in decline. Though their mother died and Rileohan mysteriously disappeared, labeled as “cursed Mogi” and forced to live in a nearby forest, the twins have the friendship of their cousin. Their encounter with Ronan reveals what became of Rileohan and clears their names.
    ** Core basis: Wilykat & Wilykit from Thundercats (2011)

*Lohen: A former knight of the “Swan Kingdom”, he was banished for uncovering a foul scheme to overthrow the royal family.
**Core basis: Gabranth’s “Basch guise” from Dissidia 012

*Helena Siegfriedo: Princess of the “Swan Kingdom”.


*“female bodyguard”

*“court mage”

*“Evil Man”: A mysterious man who traveled from the East for a foul scheme that would revive the “Devil King”.