Well as you may (but probably haven’t) have noticed I have not been around that much lately. This has been due to my home computer having been hit by a blasted virus. So I have had zero access to the net as of late (I’m currently in a net cafe) and will have zero accesss for somertime to come. Why do people have to send stupid virus to other people, it is just plain ridculus.

And until I can get it fixed, which could take a while, I won’t be around for a while. So this is my way of saying see you guys later.

Use an antivirus or format. There’s no reason you you should be unable to use your pc for elongated periods of time. That’s just procrastination. And I’m surprised to see anyone actually gets infected by these anymore o_o

HS, if you can’t get the computer to start up properly because of the virus, then you should just reformat the thing and start anew. That’s what we had to do. Anyways, hope to see you around again soon. 8)