Problems running a game...

Against my better judgement, I’ve reinstalled Gunbound.

I just installed it and registered, but there’s a problem. Whenever I try to login, this thing to install something pops up, like expected.

Problem is, it won’t install. And if I abort, the game won’t run. Can anyone offer some help?

I’d like to know too. I think that app (nprotect whatever), is just buggy. Kind of sucks, i’ve been itching for a gb fix myself.

What the hell is Gunbound anyway?

Did you download the 390 full version? Try installing that, it should work.

Did you let it through your FW?

It’s an online game. It’s like Worms, but with a player controlling each individual worm.

I did. I also manually downloaded the patch, just to see if that’d work.

I’m not sure. Don’t think so. How would I go about doing so?

Gunbound sucks for the sole reason that everybody who plays it is simultaneously an asshole AND illiterate. At least I think they were flaming me, but I couldn’t exactly understand a single thing anybody said.

Yeah, it does tend to have a higher quota of morons and lamers than your average online game. That’s why I tend to play just with friends if it can be helped.

In my case, yea, but it still doesn’t work.