Problem viewing the Mailbag...

I dont know if it’s just me, but I just got around to checking the new Mailbag, and t sort of “cuts off” shortly after the first response. In other words, its like the bottom of the page is pushed up a LOT. Is this just me, or is it a problem with the page?

<img src=“”> The mailbag and poll still have some issues, just be patient.

man, I hope it all comes back soon! I really want to see if my responcse came through!

Sorry. I’m having ISP troubles at home. It doesn’t let me view Mailbag e-mail, post any replies on the MB over an absurdly small number of characters, or allow me to upload really anything to the RPGC server. Once I get home, I’ll go through another Staffer to get it all uploaded.

And VE, you didn’t make the final cut.

Damn. ;_;

984 if you can dcc me the stuff I could upload for you.

No man, the poll has no issues. Don’t just slap them together like that or you might find da mafia will have a little “talk” wid you, see?

984, why you lie? I made the cut! ;_;