Problem is Asellus quest in the game saga frontier

I have a problem with the quest of Asellus: I cannot gain the mystic change ability, and Im about to fight Orlouge the last boss… help me please, how can I get the mystic change ability

Stop that. I told you in the other thread where to post these threads. This isn’t a chat room.

Not a very bright mother fucker are you. You were already told where to put this once.

I say we eaither move this thread or lock it :enguard:

All 3 of his posts are thread starters, one of them actually being in the right place.

Vinen, you know now, but in the future please post threads about game help in the Gaming Help forum.

As to the rest of you guys: You have no room to say any shit to this guy. You’re not above the rules. Consider yourselves warned.