Just had my first match on

Spawning Pool: 200 minerals…

Hydralisk: 75 Minerals 25 Gas.

The look on your best friends face when you send two dozen ultralisks into his base via Nydus canals: Priceless.

I guess that sums it up.

I get it! It’s like one of those Mastercard commercials!

Hydralisk: 75 minerals 25 gas

Marine: 50 minerals

Stim Pack upgrade: 150 Minerals 100 Gas

Medic: 75 Minerals 25 Gas

Killing 2 hydras for every 1 stim packed marine: Priceless

I’ve got one!

Nexus: 400 Minerals
Spawning Pool: 200 Minerals
Archon: 2 Templar
The realization that you have beaten your brother in multiplayer: Priceless

Some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Starcraft.

Starcraft: $30

Brood War: $20

Starcraft: Battle Chest: Priceless… no, wait, shit. It’s $43. Screw you. Screw you all.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
[b]Starcraft: $30

Brood War: $20

Starcraft: Battle Chest: Priceless… no, wait, shit. It’s $43. Screw you. Screw you all. [/b]

What? Gemini and I got it for $20.

The look of disdain on Cless’s face: Priceless.

The look on my face at my brother’s claims to have beaten me: Double Priceless.

Ha, the real priceless thing I like doing is when the enemy is a human and you send a lot of dark archons onto him and convert all of his battlecruisers, specially if they come with Yamato guns.

You hafta research abilities yourself.

No, you don’t. If you were both Protoss and you mind controlled a 3/3 scout with all upgrades, all your air units would convert to 3/3 units and all your scouts would obtain upgrades. If the enemy has a 3/3 Battlecruisers with Yamato gun and that’s what you mind control, that’s what you get.

Galloway, I did beat you once. When I kept making nukes.

Cless’s right.

The best about Mind Control is being anle to play with more than one race, provided you have zerg or human players in the map with you. Just convert a drone or SCV, take it somewhere safe, start building and make a multi-racial army!

I’ve actually done that before, and it would be interesting to beat your opponent that way

I once played as a Protoss against a guy in a LAN house.

I stole one of his SCV’s and started a di-racial base. The only entrance to it was by a narrow bridge. I kept six tanks in siege mode, 3 carriers and 8 scouts standing ground there, plus a few other units that I acumulated there prior to an attack wave.

Add to that, there were also 3 arbitrers there. Shall one fall, there were two other ones to beat, and I could cast recall for reinforcements or that crystal paralising thing to stop the bigger foes.

When the guy first tried to enter my base by land, it was a huge kick in the ass. He simply didn’t have any sat nor that ship from humans that reveals invis. So he started doing a lot of sats in his command centers. But still, switching between sats and troops is not something you can do fast enough to keep a battle going.

Whenever he sent an attack wave against this base, I would have some scattered ghosts to nuke a few of his buildings. But then I’d cancel the nuke before the launch and start another launch somewhere else just to bug him. When he gave up my hide and seek game with the ghosts I let the nukes fly. Then I send an attack wave that fucks his main base.

He goes rebuilding and remaking his troops, so do I… And then I run to his bases with lots of tanks, goliaths, dark templars and archons. With a few arbitrers on all that’s not dark templar to add special effects. Quite a kick in the ass that lead me to victory.

When you play with more than one race they don’t share their ‘upkeep’. You may have as much as 75 psi and 75 supplies and 75 control, so if you get to play with all three races, not only you get advantages from all the three, you may also have an army 3 times bigger than normal.

So, not only does your army become inter-racial, but bigger too, and you could have as many photon cannons, colonies, or missle turrets to defend your base.

And in the PC Version, you could have as much as 200 psi, supplies, or control.

I wish WC3 didn’t share food. If you Posess/Charm a unit, that costs on your food. Then again, I’ve played a game where I charmed up to 342 food.