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Particularly of interest, the US is providing several hundred million in aid to have Indians (from India) sterilized. Damn.

Jagdish Singh, 20, shifting nervously in front of assembled villagers, claims he went along with the farmer because he was offered work cutting grass at 50 rupees (60p) a day. “[Instead] I was taken to hospital and given a green pill which I was told was to protect against malaria. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up the next day in pain.”

This made me realize that there is no such thing as life in any other planets, because if there were, they would nuke this rock to assure that our race doesn’t infect the rest of the universe with stupidity.

The government is trying to reduce population growth through crazy policies. You know, India has more than a billion people, most living in misery and the fault is the huge size of evergrowing poor families. The sad part is that sterilization is being forced, and via trickery, into people who don’t even know what’s hitting them.

They’re killing two birds with one stone if you think about it.

Silly Indians.

… IT’s a crazy, fucked up policy for a crazy, fucked up world. CAn we have the old death squads back pwease?

Wow that’s pretty fucked up. Oh what a wonderful world we live in! Chinese one-baby (preferably male) rules, Arab polygamy, Indian gun-sterilization, babies in dumpsters, Gestapo/Schutzstaffel death squads (just for you Star), where’s divine intervention when you need it?

The eight Divines need to get off their asses.

Seriously though, India went to shit a long time ago, this really doesn’t surprise me.

Did it go to shit when Great Britain first took it over, or when it made it independent?