Pretty damn good horror flick...

I saw this on IFC, it’s pretty freakin’ creepy. It’s about this asbestos cleanup crew that go to work in a condemned asylum…which happens to be haunted.

I is thinking of “House on Haunted Hill”.

Is it me, or is the collective ghost one huge-ass super-allip?

What are you doing here?

So many actors from CSI.
Looks pretty cool.

wahhh meesa wanna download

They get high on asbestos fumes, imagine the killers and instead kill each other in a gripping sociological and psychologic comment on the state of present-day man’s consciousness. I think. ;;>_>

Looks pretty good. So does Alexander :smiley:

Saw a year or two ago, twisted ending i never expected. David caruso is from csi: miami to be technical, can’t remember who else if any from that boring spinoff show is in that movie. It seems like its an original spin on the haunted theme, so it’s got at least one good point.

Starstorm: allip? what is that?