Pregnant 10 year old,,-6161247,00.html

-Kid couldn’t fit in her school uniform, school contacted mom.
-Kid was pregnant.
-Father is the girl’s stepfather.
-Mother caught her husband having sex with the girl 2x.

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The girl’s mother, who told police she twice caught her husband having sex with her daughter and forgave him, has been charged with two counts of intentional neglect or abuse by means of omission.

The fact that the girl’s mother caught them and FORGAVE the sick fuck is the part that scares me.

Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.


I’ve read, a long time ago, about a case in court where a couple which had serious family problems was sentenced to never have children again until they were able to properly raise them. I’d like to see a similar sentence to this one, specially since the mother consented to what happened.

Yeah, I saw it in the local news. In fact, we’ve had a rash of controversial pregnancies of late… including a 12-year-old girl impregnated (apparently) by her 14-year old half-brother (who is apparently retarded- thought he knew about sex, obviously.) One pregnant girl actually gave birth by herself on her house… NOBODY in her family realized she was pregnant!

These cases have caused quite a stir here, not just because they’re shocking but how they went unnoticed so long. Social Services isn’t looking too good.

I’m worried about the 10-year-old… can she give birth safely!? Will an abortion be necessary?

You know, its funny and sad for me to consider my reaction to this.

A few years ago, someone posted something similar - some 10 year old girl from a Latin American country got pregnant. At the time, I posted some diatribe about how humanity sucks, people are animals, etc.

But now, I barely even care. This seems normal to me now.

Ultimately what’s most alarming about this is not that a 10-year old would have sex; but that a 10 year old could get pregnant. Is this because of the unsaturated fats in processed food, or whatever it is in processed food that is making us all fatter/taller/maturing faster?

My thoughts on this matter have already been expressed by others. Damn, there’s a lot of sick people out there.

You do know that the way you put it, your post’s got multiple meanings, don’t you? As in “there are many sick people who have already expressed my thougts.” No offense meant.

Funny, Ren. You just made me giggle.

Speaking of these sick kid-pregnancy stories, what’s the youngest age anyone has ever been impregnated?


Five years old.

I think I need a drink after reading that. But first one because of the first story. But first a round of worship for the porcelain god.

Well, either that or a 24 hour Metal Slug session.

Weiila’s quote wins. It is awesome.

Curtis: the age of pregnancy has nothing to do with saturated fats, manufactured/processed food etc… So whoever told you that information is probably one of those pseudo environmental pro natural morons who’s full of shit and knows nothing about actual biology.

Having said that, fat DOES play a role in the age of menarche (I can never spell this word right), which is the age at which you get your first period. Hormonal changes are associated with body composition. Your brain has a variety of ways to measure body composition and ultimately, sexual maturation in girls is strongly pushed forward by food signals. Note that this has nothing to do with what _kinds_of food other than specific fat, carbohydrate and protein disposition.

If you want more information on the specifics of that, read these paragraphs:

There are essentially 2 important food signals: leptin and insulin. If you have no leptin, you make no GnRH in your brain. If you make no GnRH, you make no FSH/LH. FSH is “Follicular Stimulating Hormone”. This means it stimulates the ovaries to make follicles mature eggs for ovulation. Women menstruate when the egg is not fertilized and the cycle of making a new egg mature repeats. The simple point is, if you have no fat, you make no leptin. If you have enough fat, you have enough leptin. Modern advances have made it such that people are better nourished and face fewer problems than previous generations. Nutrition and other things have made it so that younger and younger girls reached menarche because of a balance between genetics (potential age of menarche) and environmental factors (nutrition leading to a specific hormonal mix and body composition). You should be aware that when you were in 4th, 5th grades, there should’ve been 1-2 girls in your classes that were wearing pads and developing secondary sexual characteristics.

The other signal is insulin. Insulin you might hear is the hormone diabetics have issues with. It plays a big role in glucose (sugar) control, but it also has other effects on tissues all over the body and the part of your brain that makes FSH needs insulin signals to make FSH in response to GnRH.

Now to reward those of you who read these brief paragraphs, I’ll tell you a little story. Many of you have been through high school and have seen those super thin girls. Often, aside from any potential eating disorder they might have, they might be athletic to support their low body mass index. You also might’ve noticed that those girls have underdeveloped secondary sexual characteristics (brests, hips - ie they don’t have a bottle shape, they’re T shaped like a boy). Here’s the kicker, if you don’t develop those secondary sexual traits during puberty, you never will! So those girls will be breast-less and hip-less for the rest of their lives because their not being fat enough threw their whole homonal cycles out of whack. If you’re not fat enough, you don’t make GnRH. You don’t make GnRH, then you don’t make FSH. If you don’t make FSH you won’t ovulate (thus these girls tend to not have their first periods til they’re in their mid to late teens - if). If you don’t ovulate, you don’t produce the right amounts of estrogen and progesterone because those are made by the egg. (Actually, some estrongen is made from androgens, but they don’t have any fat, so they can’t make any estrogen anyway - btw fat boys grow breasts because their testosterone is converted to estrogen in the same process). To be fair, fat girls are their own birth control pills because having too much fat will also throw your cycle out of whack.

If you’ve ever been in the sac with one of these thin girls, aside from noticing their obvious lack of breasts and hips, you’ll notice they produce a noticeable amount of hair from the androgens they tend to have too much of.


This is just sick. I just can’t believe that the mother would forgive her husband at all, let alone twice.

Plus, no one wants to have sex with them. The perfect birth control method!

Thanks. Yeah, I meant the leptin thing. I got the “partially hydrogenated”(what I meant to say) oil thing from something else. I’ve read those partially hydrogenated processed foods are greatly to blame for America’s obesity problem.

Saying people are fat because they have too many hydrogenated fats in their food is taking away the responsibility they bear for making the decisions that made them fat: too little output for too much input. People don’t understand simple thermodynamics. You don’t destroy or create energy, you convert it. People accumulate what they don’t use. People don’t want to hear it though. They have habits and things they like to do and losing weight is a lot harder than maintaining a weight. It doesn’t work by immediate gratification and people are impatient and don’t like the uncomfortable inconveniences that losing weight requires one to face.

edit: And the term energy applies to both sugars and fats. Either way, your excess is converted to the same thing for storage.

the damned conservitive republicans wont look at it that way even in either of those cases:enguard:

I don’t really want to say the mother let this happen, but then I do. (she could have done something the first time, basically). If it was going to happen once, chances are it could happen again and again.

I wonder if her mother had faced something similar, some abuse or had some traumatic experience when she was young.