So they’re apparently Easter eggs scattered throughout all the FFs and restore 1 HP? I dunno, my friend told me this and the only game I’ve seen them in is Dirge of Cerberus. Can anyone confirm/deny?

Deny emphatically. DoC is the only place they appear.
It may be a reference to Excalipur, though; it’s off by one letter from Excalibur, and does 1 HP damage (it appears in FF5, FF8, FF Tactics and FFTA).

Thought this was a badly typed forum post at first, and was anticipating a witty comeback from Cid.

I checked ffxi.somepage.com to see if they’re in the FFXI .dat files, and they are not. I did a google search, and this thread is already the first match :hahaha; I found one while playing Dirge, and I believe the description was “Restores a few HP ???”

It restores 1 HP every time, so far as I’ve seen.

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