Potato gun = Good

Potato GATLING gun = Better.

Poor potatoes giving their lives for the amusement of humans.

Man, I bet the Irish would have been pissed to see one of these about 100 years ago.

I must have no patience right now - I want these people to stop TALKING about it and to start SHOOTING it!

They start shooting it eventually… they shoot like 4 potatoes at a rate of 2 per second. It’s cool, but compared to what I imagined it was really lame.

I had to click ahead to like the last 10 seconds to see any shooting! Argh I like payoff a little sooner. :smiley:

But if he shoots right away, that’s just embarrassing.


That’s pretty sweet. Now we just need to figure out how to improve on it so that it is self reloading.

Oh snap, how could I forget.