Posting Trouble

As I’ve mentioned in other boards, for the last two weeks or so I’ve been having a problem posting here (and in other sites too.) I tend to get a message that says “a security token is missing, contact the administrator”. I believe this may have been caused when I erased a lot of my old cookies to help speed up my computer, but I’m not sure. Oh, and I couldn’t register at the FF13 Wiki, though that was fixed by a mod. Not sure if it was related. This comes and goes, sometimes my posts show up OK and sometimes they don’t. It’s VERY annoying. Any suggestions?

I don’t think that was fixed by a mod, I think zepp did it. So unless he is a mod…

Anyway, what browser are you using?

Firefox. In fact, ever since I upgraded to version 3.5 and above I’ve had a LOT of problems such as the browser crashing. I think I will just downgrade back to an earlier version. :frowning:

PS: I’m also getting a lot of “unresponsive scripts” messages lately.

Use google chrome.

having trouble getting url for picture as the the mac has no right click to bring up properties of picture… anyone already using a mac and have been posting pics???

any help much appreciated