Post Your Virtual Self (with help)

<img src=“”> You may be wondering about this topic headline about “posting your virtual self”, which would normally me using a sprite or a scanned picture of yourself. Instead this is a different idea…how about you create a representation of your realself. Thanks to My Virtual Model (website created for virtual trying on clothes), you can create yourself and post them here. Below is how I look in real life, minus the glasses. :smiley: Note that their generic selection is limited, since it is after all a site made for trying on clothes at other sites. :smiley:

The steps are easy, just make a name and password, then design your person, using weight and blah blah blah. Then you get the final results, which you can change. Afterwards you can head to Collection to add some clothes so you don’t look like Arthur from “Ghost and Goblins”. You can get other clothes there by hitting the yellow triangles, but don’t expect much.

P.S. Two things about the image. First off, just post the link, as they can get mighty big. And two, just right click and save them, unless you can’t upload, which case you might want to copy the address.

That’s generally what I look like on any decent workday. If it isn’t a workday, my hair is more like in my avatar, but none of the ones in the model maker look right.

When I first saw it I laughed. There is so no enough selections to get anything accurate, although it’s pretty decent. The only thing I have to brag about is that my figure is much more curvacious than that. Where is the brown eyes option?! Grrr.

Im glad that we don’t have to provide links cuz I’d be scared about certain members rotating her around >> To catch some ass.

Yeah, it is decent. Though it’s not accurate. There are no options for glasses. At least not that I could see. I have a pair of frameless ones.

Virtua Lex 1&2

Why must you people link at .txt, why can’t you just make a simple HTML page with the image on it and link to that? That stupid .txt trick is IE only. And I want to see how ugly Lex is.

Fen Model~~ :enguard:

Ooooh. Fen’s a sexy Angelfire logo.

Grrrr… My model is too hot to handle… :thud:

<a href=“”>Try this</a> :enguard:

<a href=“”>You want Rud? You got Rud</a>

Kinda cool. I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This model seems to make me look a little older than i appear in real life. :stuck_out_tongue: Not like i mind or anything :P.

<a href=“”>I look like a woman. ;_;</a>

Aha, You do look like a Woman. Aha. I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated mine with what I’m aiming for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me in my virtual glory… or something. Be glad I put some clothes on the model.

Face is all wrong. Stupid VirtualMe.

Do you actually look anything like that? Because those are some of the hottest pixels I’ve ever seen.

I totally forgot that there were clothes so now I feel like a whore for posting a half naked virtual self representation.

edit: Oh Nulani did so too! Oh we’d make such a great couple.

My hair’s the wrong color…it’s supossed to be browner…


Man, that program really sucks. I put in my information, and look what came out!

<IMG src=“”>

Where do you go to put on clothes?? Don’t want my virtual model to be topless…

You have to click Save and then enter some info to register with the site. Then you can access teh Collection and walk around not naked.