Post your Steam profile!

How many RPGCers are using Steam? I’m currently friends with Rirse, Nulani, Steve, Crotanks, GG Crono, Sin (although he’s rarely on) and RedComet (ditto). I could use some teammates who don’t suck at Left 4 Dead (or Payday 2, or Castle Crashers) quite as much as Crotanks does. Just call Cro the Witch bait. (Yes, I have way too many games. Rirse has more, go tease him)

I’m almost never actually on it, since I have next to no free time for games, and I usually play other games that aren’t on Steam when I do.

I’m Elfmo.

I have been wondering who that was.

I mean, come on.

We played Alien Swarm together!

To be fair:

  1. First time I’ve played a game with keyboard + mouse in forever
  2. Laggy connection :frowning:
  3. First time playing
  4. Fuck you :stuck_out_tongue: There you go.

I remember now! Never said my memory was good.

I’m relatively new to Steam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine.

Anyone who wants to is free to add me. I don’t do much multiplayer gaming, but I’m always up for some L4D2, Castle Crashers or TF2 (Mann vs. Machine only) or whatever.

Did I mention GG’s arguably worse at L4D than Crotanks? :smiley:

I don’t think anybody’s arguing that. Especially me.

I like to play LFD2 but I haven’t in a while so I might be rusty.

play vidya with me you vermin