Post your Desktop!

Mm…I love my new desktop. I’ve sunken somewhat low recently, I’ve got a girl up - Catherine Bell. And might I say it’s a very good picture of Catherine Bell :slight_smile:

She’s got a bra/panties on. So here it is: My Desktop :smiley:

want suck titty


Do you use a program to capture your Desktop? Could you link me?

No, I just hit the prnt scrn button, paste into microsoft paint, save as a jpg, upload onto geocities, change the extension to .txt to allow direct linking, and then post here. No program involved.

Mine. Those symbols are the Wu, Shu and Wei Hanzi.

<img src=“” width=800 height=600>

And yes I do use Windows 2000.

Some people might know who they are and why they’re there besides the lesbian thing.
I like the headbands they have, too. ^^

Edit: Yeah, uh…I didn’t notice some things in it because I didn’t look closely at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, dai, I’m going to need more pics of them.

Dai, you have great taste in anime lesbians.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, dai, I’m going to need more pics of them.
You keep away from my Candice


Candice is the pink haired one with kitty ears.


Cool. Nice pic though. Yeah Charl I saw that too, I was just ahem admiring the picture when I noticed it.

Stop looking at my breasts ;; cries ;;


I’ve still got my Rikku one. btw Sorc, where’d you get yours? << >>

What desktop? Using Lynx and console here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I get graphical working though it will look something like this

God wert, could you make it any worse than that?
My Desktop
I created the background ^^

Nice one Steve.