Post what you are currently listening to.....

…then follow it up with “in my pants” :biggrin:

I.E. Melodies of Life in my pants.

Gurugu Kasan… in my pants?

I’m currently listening to my roomate screaming racial slurs at me while he drinks a bottle of “Jim Beam” in my pants


All Good Men are Dead in my pants.

Whatshername… in my pants.

Penis in my pants LAWLERBOMB

Who Needs Sleep? in my pants

4 Non Blondes in my pants.

Sugar we’re going down in my pants.


What a fucking pointless thread. Not only is there already a thread on this, but you can do the same thing in that thread that you’re doing in here. Seriously. What’s stopping you?!

possibly the fact that that’s the sensible thing to do.

Harvey the Wonder Hamster in my pants.

:moogle: … thats creepy.

Haruka Kanata in my pants.

If I’m not mistaken, Haruka Kanata means ‘far far away’. Now that’s weird.

I’m not listening to it, but I’ve just thought about ‘I Got You Under My Skin in my pants’.

“The Dark Star in my pants” - Secret of Mana
“Losing My Religion in my pants.” - REM
“Ain’t No Room in my pants” - The Vines
“I Am in my pants” - Hitomi
“Together, We Ride in my pants” - Fire Emblem
“I Miss You in my pants” - Yuki Kimura
“Seeking Your Warmth in my pants” - Yuki Kimura
“Once You Had Gold in my pants” - Enya
“I Like the Way You Move in my pants” - OutKast
“Get Down on Saturday Night in my pants” - Spice Girls
“Funny Little Feeling in my pants” - Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers

oh god thats sad XD

final fantasy battle themes in my pants

“Welcome to my Life” in my pants…

Why does everyone say in my pants in my pants in my pants

Rode the short bus to school, huh?

:moogle: ZING!!