Post Nonsense Here Just For A Higher Rank!!!


This wont last long…

Hot diggity dog! My peanuts are on fire!



This is stupid

May you transform into a chandalier, to hang by day and burn by night.

EDIT: I hate to be a prick, but since there are absolutely no mods around, I’d suggest you read the rules. You know- the thing that says Forum Rules in large sized font right below the cool looking PayPal donation sign?

:noway: :runaway: p:unch::

I can’t feel my eyes!

This thread makes me die inside.

It makes my ears bleed.

I’m gonna have to ask for this to stop.

<3 charle



Prick smick, read the fucking rules. Don’t post this retarded shit, if you can post on a message board you’re probably literate in some small way, so you don’t have an excuse.