Post all the online manga you know of

I’m too cheap to buy manga, so you gimme links to losers that have scanned every page of a comic. Thanks pally.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

The only one I recall so far…

Stereotype Angel and Devil

I’m going to stop there. It’d take close to a decade to post them all, at least half an hour.

All those are webmangas, which means they are legal unlike manga scans.

As for scans, check the fservs in #rpgc - I believe some of them have manga stored, and there is google of course. This came up after a short search:

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Stereotype Angel and Devil
That was like… Family Circus funny. It’s like the guy over one night, came up with this lame plot, with lame jokes and no punch-line. Just to showcase his mediocre art.