Possible Plotlines?

I’m in the mood to write a story and such. Problem is, I can’t think of a decent plotline! Anyone know where I can find a list of plots online?

Umm… stories are usually easier to write (and, more to the point, read :get it?: ) if you write your own plotline. Also more fun, too- I personally have a dislike for “second hand” plots. :thud:

However, that said, a thing I like to do is “semi-plagiarism”- just read a load of stories, pick the best bits out, whack 'em a few times with the creative mallet, shred 'em again and fit them back together in the shape you like best :hahaha; You can get some pretty good stuff that way. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Plots should be yours, else risk trying to write something you eventually hate. If you can’t think of anything, leave it alone until you can.

The possibilities are endless. Take some unlikely scenarios and connect them. Something. First, think of the genre you want to write.

I had a whole list of plots I had planned out (this is the first time I’ve ever looked for pre-planned plots, I usually write my own) but they were on the computer that my parents suddenly got rid of. :too bad; Anyway, that said, I thank you for your help anyway. BTW, I was looking for a manga-like story I could write, high school romance sort of thing. I’m getting a bit sick of my other manga-like story which takes place in the past.

Thanks anyway!