Possibility of Re-Entering the Chat

Almost two and a half years ago I was banned from the chat. I can definitely see why I was banned then, but I would like to given another chance to join the chat again.

Why was I banned? If I remember correctly, it was because I was an argumentative jackass who
this, and constantly tried to get into e-fights with other members of the chat about random unimportant shit like Mountain Giants vs. Hippogryph Archers.

I think I’ve since then gotten over my occasional arrogant “always right” style of talking, and that if I were to get into some kind of debate in the chat I’d at least be able to handle it maturely.

I’d like to be allowed back into the chatroom to idle, enjoy casual conversation with my internet peers, and talk to some of the people I haven’t really gotten to in the last… two years (KOR, Vorpy, Cless, several others). I can handle it.

PS: I’ll buy the next batch of hot dogs

You’ll have an answer in the next few days.

We’re currently in a ritual to decide the unbanning, which involves goats, old boxing gloves, and two dozen marbles.

P.S. Hippogryph archers are totally better

Okay, you’re unbanned. Don’t screw it up.

Seriously, we’ll keelhaul you.

just okay, in my opinion.

Just decided to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of this topic, rpgsoer?

What the crap :no2:

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