*pops neck muscle and knuckles* yupe. It's almost time...

Yep. It’s about time for summer and I always stay up late during the summer catching up on story writing. Believe me, I have a lot to type in this blasted computer! shakes fist I write my fics on paper then I send them in.

Heres my question to you guys. I have two different fics. Ones a BoF 3 fic and another is a Zelda fic. Both are long and I’m almost done with my BoF fic, I just now started on my Zelda fic (working on the forth chapter) Do you guys want the BoF fic or the Zelda fic? I promice you that my BoF fic is pretty good and the Zelda fic is funny in its own ways. I’m not sure if this BoF fic is as good as Dragons and Demons but, meh.:noway: I’ll list my characters of both fics…

(BoF fic)
Peco (seldomly)
Hilios (OC)
Death (OC)
Cupid/Mouse (OC)
Kim (OC)
Vickie (OC)
Flare (OC)
Ryhan (OC)
If you can gusse who Vickie and Kim are I’ll give you a speical treat!:smiley:

(Zelda fic)
(all the other Zelda characters)
Leon (OC)
Dart (OC; not dragoon!)
Truce (OC)
J.R. (OC)
Chris (OC; not me, but a VERY special boy ^~)

So far the BoF fic is running about 15 chapters long. The Zelda fic, howevere, I have just started on it. But, I have speical plans for the Zelda fic.

Choose and tell me which you rather read!

Well, since i never bothered playing the BoF series all that religiously, I’ll go with Z.

The Legend of Zelda is more or less my favorite gaming series ever and no offense but I’d rather see a Breath of Fire fanfic because I don’t really want to see the Legend of Zelda fucked with by the likes of you. I don’t mean to say that you are not a good story teller in fact I’m betting you are but most Zelda fanfics are shit no matter how good the writer is. Leave the Zelda writing to the professionals, and write us a kickass Breath of Fire fic.

Ori, that was uncalled for.

“I don’t really want to see the Legend of Zelda fucked with by the likes of you.”

That IS an offense, no matter what you explain later. Chris is no master writer but she’s not a bad one either. Why don’t you write a Zelda fic yourself, then?

And Chris, I’d like to see both of those fics but if you’re going to choose… hmm… eenie, meenie, moe… I dunno :slight_smile:


BoF… I like BoF3 better than the Zelda games…

It’s up to you, but I’d prefer a Zelda fic, since BoF is quite possibly the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. is killed by all the BoF fans around the site

Breath Of Fire.Never really got into Zelda…

Well, I think that you should finish what you started. If you already have the Zelda fic under development, then maybe you should refine it and then take care of the other.

Ignore him, he’s just being a JERK! says to self

All right, I’m getting lots of votes for the BoF fic… so, BoF fic it is!:smiley: It’ll be coming soon!

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for it!:smiley:

Like I said, it’s your decision. I wish you luck on your fic for the piece of crap known BoF.

All right… if you put it that way, d’Galloway, I’ll post both. I’ll probably have the BoF fic done sooner than the Zelda fic though, KAY?:kissy:

edit: Actually, I do have two short Zelda fics. You can find them in the Other section.